All Native doing well, new work on horizon

Hello, everyone! I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday. It’s an overcast day here in Rupert with rain imminent – in other words, it’s classic Rupert and perfect writing weather.

I thought it was time that I gave an update to my legions of fans – and, by that, I mean that my fans might be able to fill a couple of small Royal Canadian Legion halls, under extreme social distancing rules. :)

Sales for my novel, All Native, have gone well despite the shutdown. While the summer was fairly slow, September was very strong as were the opening months, bolstered by the official winter launch and having a table at the All Native Tournament in February. My main disappointment is not being to get out there and visit some other communities for readings. The good news is that All Native has sold well enough that it looks like we will be going to a second printing! So, if you liked the book, keep spreading the word.

Also, I am likely to put out a digital version of All Native and, perhaps an audio book. Is that something that you, my readers, think would go well? Please share your thoughts!

Meanwhile, I continue to work on new material including a prequel to All Native that focuses on the BJ Woods character and, possibly, a third book that wraps up BJ and Frank/Jolene’s stories. I also have a handful of other stories in mind, including turning my 3-Day Novel Writing Contest entry, from way back, into a full-length novel.

Finally, as you may have seen earlier on my Facebook page, Muskeg Press (which published All Native) will soon be releasing its latest book of fiction, titled, Influenced: Stories from the Lockdown. I’m pleased to be a part of it, having contributed one of the 10 short stories, titled Open Door, in the compilation. A big thanks to Muskeg owner, Chris Armstrong, for putting this together.

To pre-order Influenced: Stories from the Lockdown, go here:

Finally, some of you may have listened to the interview I did recently on CFNR radio’s show, Journeys. Well, one of my friends was quick to point out that, when I ran through my writing resume, I neglected to mention that I am also a playwright – which was a big oversight, considering I have written many! So, look for more on my playwriting on this blog/website, including making my plays available for reading.

Outside of story writing, of course, I have been blogging about recent issues and greatly appreciate the feedback from readers. These are interesting, challenging times. The pandemic is a crisis unlike any most of us have seen but it may have taught us something too, revealing what is wrong in our world and what needs to be changed.

Stay tuned!

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