ALL NATIVE, the novel: Reader reviews

The following are messages, either full or excerpts of, received from people who have read my debut novel, All Native - posted here, of course, with their permission.

“A must read for anyone who wants to know about the way of life in the north. I highly recommend it!”

- Bob Manning, Vancouver, BC

“It is so evocative of a bygone Prince Rupert. It did a good job of handling the darker aspects of life in Rupert and Port Edward, with a matter of fact but sensitive approach. The characters were real and very multi-faceted, especially the boys. I cried!”

- Heather Hoffman Eso, Prince Rupert, BC

“It took me back to a place and time, with a magical sense of adventure and discovery. The friendship between the boys was set in two pieces of a puzzle that fit tightly. It’s a story that rings true and captures the sparkle and devastation of growing up.”

- Mylene Olivier, Vancouver, BC

“I read this cover to cover on my ferry ride home (Rupert to Haida Gwaii). A must for Rupertites and those involved with basketball on the North Coast. Well done, Rudy Kelly. Fantastic story. Beautifully written.”

- Michael McQuade, Haida Gwaii

“Exhilarating! It transported me back to my youth, growing up in Prince Rupert. It reminded me of how important basketball was to me and those I shared this game with. It also reminded me of how important the All Native basketball tournament is – so many of my mentors were from the First Nations community. A wonderful and moving read.”

- Joe Basso, Ladner, BC

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