"Building" a story

In another installment of photos of locations and sights in ALL NATIVE, the novel, I bring you significant buildings, that the boys spent a lot of time in and that played big parts in the story. All photos were taken by me.

Before there was a middle school, there was ...


Located on Hays Cove Circle just before the bridge, "Booth" was the school I enjoyed the most, although, of course, King Edward Elementary is right up there. This is where Nate and BJ meet; where Nate achieves his first step in his master plan, and BJ becomes an unlikely student council candidate and has an awkward experience with a girl.

The top photo is the view of the school that I saw a lot of, as I crossed the field to get there from the area I lived in.

The bottom photo is what is left of the original school (it was torn down and a new elementary school, named Lax Kxeen, was built). This original building, which housed classrooms and the library, is now the school district's maintenance and tech building. Back then, many students used these side exits to go hang out in the toolies by "the pipeline."


It is now a Middle School but this was the senior high for as long as I can remember. The old PRSS is located on Ninth West near the golf course and Hays Creek, and a minute's walk away from the Civic Centre. This is where Nate shoots for Rainmakers glory and one of the two big games in the book takes place. It also hosted the All Native Tournament for two years after the original Civic Centre burned down.


Known simply as the "the Civic Centre," it was given Jim Ciccone's name after his tragic death, which was fitting considering that he was a long-time great Rupert basketball player and community booster. This is where the magic happens; the All Native, every February, where thousands of people flock to, to watch great basketball, buy First Nations art, eat delicious traditional foods, and renew old acquaintances. The facility opened in 1972 and the Earl Mah Aquatic Centre, beside it, was added 10 years later.


The main gym, named after one of the All Native's original founders, Russell Gamble. This is where the biggest games have been played for 48 years. This is a photo I took a couple of years ago. If you look closely enough at the crowd in the upper left corner, you'll see 'Makers coach, Mel Bishop, watching, as he does every year. And, not far down from him is George Sampson, long time Friendship House Intermediates team coach and ANT volunteer for the Elders Group!

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